Fox 9 Sangria Segment

Trapped in by the #PolarVortex? A weekend of #PerfectPairings awaits you with this delicious Vegetable/Farro Soup Recipe & #Wine Pairing! Check it out

Did you miss my Sangria Segment on Fox 9 this week?IMG_9808 Check it out! Stay tuned, later this week we reveal the recipes to these super summer sippers and more on our new #SangriaForLife Pinterest page! Each week, we’ll load in a number of new sangria recipes to keep your summer fresh with new ideas.…

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June 13, 2014

Box Wine on the Fox 9 Morning News with Sommelier Leslee Miller!

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January 10, 2014

Fox 9 Morning News Bubble Extravaganza!

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December 31, 2013

A few easy tips for pairing wine with food!

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December 22, 2012

Great buying & pairing tips for wines @ ALDI

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December 21, 2012

Add a little Sparkle to your Wine this Holiday Season

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December 12, 2012

Cold Climate Competition

Last Thursday, I sat amongst a panel of several judges analyzing a number of wines for one of the country’s most talked about grape pageants, the International Cold Climate Competition. After tasting over 75 wines within an 8 hour time slot, here is a overview of the day’s activities and its significance as told by Channel 5′s,…

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August 19, 2012

Simply Science with Kare 11

Simply Science: Picking the right glass for drinking wine Written by Laura Betker Simply Science GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Many of us tend to drink all of our wine out of the same type of glass. But local sommelier Leslee Miller from Amusee Wine says the glass really does make a difference in how a…

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March 23, 2012

Interview with Corey Braunel of Washington Winery, Dusted Valley Vintners

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March 9, 2012

Ladera Wines from Napa on Oscar Sunday

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March 4, 2012
  • We have tried a few wine experts at our customer appreciation events, and we can say that Leslee is truly a professional! Her knowledge of wine, coupled with her enthusiasm creates an event that your guests will remember for a long time! Bob Zagaros & Cindi Kranz
    Owners, Bergstrom Jewelers
    Minneapolis, MN