Dracula’s Castle for Sale!


Dracula’s Castle is For Sale!  Anyone?

Okay, I know I know.  Completely unrelated to wine, but I couldn’t resist posting this.  I have a slight obsession with vampires, so I thought I’d share.

There are a few wines on the market, by the way, linked to these blood thirsty heathens (if you’re interested).

Well, Dracula’s Castle Is for Sale

Dracula’s castle in Transylvania is up for sale. If you’re thinking weird summer house, good thinking.

And now, your figures…

Year of construction: 1212 AD

Number of rooms: 60

Number of bathrooms: not as many

Annual income generated from tourists: $3.75 million

Odds you’ll eat Count Chocula in the breakfast nook: strong to very strong


Might be a cool place to throw a dinner party, or make some very tasty wine?

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  • Leslee and Michael,
    I just wanted to thank you both for the spectacular evening you hosted for our group. My wife and I and our guests—and everyone we talked to—had a wonderful time.
    I have never learned so much about beer and wine, glasses, their history and regions, and “pairing” the right way. You were both easy to listen to and are amazingly good at what you do. I’m impressed.
    Thanks, again, for your time and I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future!
    Darryl A Savage, Financial Advisor
    Thrivent Financial
    Burnsville, MN