Pantry Pairings


Doesn’t everyone eat Popcorn, Hummus and/or Pizza for dinner during the week?  (Or, is that just me?)

Wine Pairings doesn’t always mean you’re pairing to the best made recipes or elaborate ingredients.  Sometimes selecting the right wine just means you’re pairing to how you feel, or what’s left over in the fridge on a Tuesday night.  

So you want to know the best made libation pairings for Guacamole and/or Funyuns?

Come check out our Beer/Wine University: Pantry Pairings Class on Thursday, April 24th with my pal, Cicerone Michael Agnew of A Perfect Pint, to find what Wines & Beers pair best to Hot Dish, Pizza, Hummus, Nachos and more!

Sign up Today, Mention this Blog Post & Receive a $10 per seat discount!

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  • Here at Cooks of Crocus Hill, Leslee Miller brings an entertaining and informative energy to our wine classes. She is an extraordinarily competent sommelier, with a passion for her craft, in a profession riddled with pretenders. As a chef, she is my most valued resource when it comes to wine and food. Mike Shannon
    School Coordinator
    Cooks of Crocus Hill
    Edina, MN