Our Story

Leslee Miller, a transplant from the Pacific Northwest, reestablishes herself in the Midwest after many years of living in and amongst the Oregon and California wine growing regions.

Daughter of Wisconsin restaurateur and a background in hospitality, Leslee’s passion for the industry is enthusiastic and contagious. As a dually certified sommelier, through the International Sommelier Guild and Court of Master Sommeliers, she shares her education and experience within a number of different settings across the globe. From cooking/wine classes, private in-home events, corporate functions, fund-raising auctions and international winery and restaurant/retail consulting, her energizing personality brings life to each setting.

Former director to one of Oregon’s most prestigious Pinot Noir houses, Archery Summit, and member to board of directors of Pine Ridge Winery of Napa, California, Leslee’s move back to the Midwest, where she was born, has inspired her to take on many facets in the industry. She shares a wide variety of wine expertise and love for not only the ‘greats’ in the wine world, but gives her subscribers and clients a fun insight to the everyday international value-driven wines market as well.

Between the range of topics that are written or taught within Leslee’s business, Amusée, you get a pretty good idea as to the variety of interests she carries within her field. From the roots of the wine world, her love for the traditionalists view, yet freshly inspired social media trends, the services and topics Leslee covers with her clientele are wide and are always guaranteed to come packed with one thing, fun!

As for the future, there are a number of projects that continue to keep Leslee busy. Beyond her teaching, entertaining, writing and consulting, her only plan is to keep her avenues open and enjoy the wine world for what it is – fun!


'Leslee is much, much more than a Certified Sommelier: she is every winery owner’s dream come true. I have known, admired and worked with Leslee in a variety of venues for several years. She has in-depth wine knowledge, and shares it in a highly professional manner. But what makes her truly extraordinary is her ability to fully embrace wine as one of the great pleasures of life, and instills in others the same excitement and appreciation. Her contributions to the world of food and wine are invaluable. I raise my glass in a toast to you, Leslee. Keep doing what you do so well!'

Susan Ridley, Partner
Hendry Wines
Napa, CA